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Integrative Oncology: Comprehensive Cancer Care

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Integrative Oncology services offered in Jack London Square, Oakland, CA

Welcome to a new era of holistic cancer care at Mint Medical Center. Our approach seamlessly merges traditional treatments with holistic methods. From supportive nutritional guidance and precision blood monitoring to Environmental Medicine-based evaluations and adjunct care alongside mainstream therapies. Plus, explore our targeted IV nutrient and Ozone treatments designed to enhance wellness and optimize outcomes. Embrace a comprehensive journey towards healing with us.

At Mint Medical Center, we believe in an all-encompassing approach to oncology, blending traditional medical treatments with holistic healing methods to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible. Our integrative oncology services include:

  1. Supportive Nutritional Care: We recognize that cancer treatments can be taxing on the body. Our supportive nutritional care is designed to nourish and strengthen patients during and after their cancer treatment, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients vital for recovery and overall well-being.

  2. Precision Blood Testing: To offer the best care, we continually track and monitor our patients' responses. Through precision blood testing, we can gauge the efficacy of treatments, making timely adjustments as necessary to maximize therapeutic outcomes.

  3. Environmental Medicine Approach: Delving deeper into potential causes, our team uses an Environmental Medicine-based methodology to evaluate possible cancer triggers. With our specialty testing and labs, we aim to pinpoint external factors, allowing for a more personalized treatment strategy.

  4. Adjunct Integrative Care: Our services don't stop at primary treatments. We offer adjunct integrative care to support patients before, during, and after radiation and chemotherapy. This multifaceted approach ensures patients are supported at every stage of their treatment journey.

  5. Targeted IV Nutrient & Ozone Therapy: Going beyond standard care, we provide targeted and personalized IV nutrient therapies, as well as Ozone therapy, as complementary treatments. These therapies aim to bolster the body's natural defenses, optimize treatment outcomes, and enhance overall wellness.

Join us in our mission to transform cancer care, making it not just about treatment, but holistic healing.